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Smart Earth Sprinklers is a full-service Sprinkler Irrigation company serving Austin, TX and its surrounding areas. We provide residential and commercial sprinkler irrigation repair, design, installation*, and maintenance. Smart Earth Sprinklers can supply water-efficient systems that will save you money, as well as maintenance services that will result in worry-free operation for years to come. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to repair or install your sprinkler irrigation system, look no further. Smart Earth Sprinklers is Austin’s one-stop shop for lawn irrigation solutions. We offer high-quality products from leading lawn and sprinkler manufacturers, such as Hunter, Rain Bird, Weathermatic and Irritrol. Smart Earth Sprinklers knows that you want the job done correctly the first time. Our professional lawn care experts are equipped, with the necessary tools and skills, to ensure proper repair or installation of your sprinkler system. To ensure that you receive the best quality in products and services, we also offer a one-year warranty on all products that we install. You can rely on Smart Earth Sprinklers to meet and exceed your expectations. To allow us to begin repairing or installing your sprinkler system, call us today at (512) 694-1147.

Schedule Your Complete System Tune-up

Improper coverage of your sprinkler irrigation system can often times be a result of the evolution of your landscape. As your lawn matures and plants continue to grow, your irrigation system remains the same. This doesn’t mean that you need to completely redesign your sprinkler irrigation system – often times a thorough adjustment and recalibration will take care of these issues.

Smart Earth Sprinklers recommends a Complete System Tune-up. Our licensed technicians will completely run through all components of your sprinkler irrigation system for proper operation. Our Sprinkler System Tune-up includes:

  • Adjusting all Sprinkler heads for proper coverage, as well as adjust to minimize overspray
  • Adjust arc and distance on rotor heads
  • Check proper height of sprinkler heads
  • Clean organic and non-organic material from any clogged nozzles
  • Clear and clean any debris from pop-up filters
  • Inspect spray heads for leaky seals
  • Mark broken sprinkler heads needing further care
  • Inspect Irrigation main line and lateral lines for leaks
  • Check station control valves for proper operation
  • Make sure valves are closing properly
  • Check rain sensor for proper operation
  • Inspect sprinkler system for proper water pressure
  • Test valve wiring from controller
  • Provide watering schedule based on current restrictions
  • Program Irrigation control (as requested)
Whats New For December?

Austin, Round Rock and Pflugerville Winter is here. Make sure your Sprinkler Irrigation system is ready. After mowing your lawn be do a quick run through of your irrigation system. Make sure the backflow device is properly insulated and free from leaks. Check all of your sprinkler heads for proper operation. Make sure your rain/freeze sensor is working properly. As always be sure and repair any leaks immediately. December Seasonal Adjustment is 33%. For Questions Regarding Seasonal Adjust Visit our Blog.


Winter Watering
Austin winters can be quite dry. During extended periods, particularly in January and February, there may be little or no rainfall. The lack of soil moisture and humidity can damage the lawns root systems unless they receive supplemental water. Affected grass & plants may appear normal and resume growth in the spring, only to weaken or die in late spring or early summer because the amount of new growth produced ...continue...
What Is Seasonal Adjust?
  Most modern sprinkler irrigation controllers have seasonal adjust settings. These buttons offer a convenient solution to changing weather patterns by allowing you to make across-the-board adjustments to watering programs on a percentage-based basis. During the summer, for example, most people keep their seasonal adjust buttons set at 100% for 90-degree days. When the temperature shoots up to 100 degrees, the seasonal adjust button can be switched to 120%. In ...continue...
Summer Is Right Around The Corner
Now that summer is beating on our door, we have put together a few simple steps to help conserve water while saving you money. For more effective watering, put the garden hose aside and use a MP Rotor system or drip irrigation to water your lawn. With Smart Earth System you simply set it and forget it. 1. Mulch, mulch, and more mulch! It is a great idea to cover your ...continue...
Smart Earth Sprinklers Provides Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation Services To:
  • Austin, Texas
  • West Lake Hills, Texas
  • Rollingwood, Texas
  • Lakeway, Texas
  • Pflugerville, Texas
  • Round Rock, Texas
  • Cedar Park, Texas
  • Georgetown, Texas
  • Buda, Texas
  • Hutto, Texas
  • Manor, Texas